The Road To The Great Sage

Hey Guys!

Something absolutely wonderful is happening, and I’d love to finally announce it’s arrival! Tomorrow, on the 20th of August, I will be debuting the first episode of a brand new ongoing series on my YouTube Channel titled, The Great Sage. It’s really something special, and I honestly can’t wait to continue working on it!

In the meantime, I’ve been tirelessly working on a whole range of miniature projects that will pave the way to The Great Sage. They are The Road To The Great Sage, a collection of my favourite creative shorts that have been taken, embellished, and re-uploaded from my ‘It’s My Life!’ series…

So, without further ado, here they are, one by one;

1.  Every Life Is A Platform

2. Gandhara

3. Everything’s Coming Up Roses! (Goodbye UOW)

4. What A Wonderful Moon River…

5. Kathy Lette’s Last Top Tip!!!

6. The Life Of The Buddha

7. This Divine Act…

8. Astonishing!!!

9. The Journey Begins…

10. We Are Australian…

11. Advice of the Clones

12. Feel It, Feel It, Feel It! (Come On And Mean It!)

Look out for the first episode of The Great Sage tomorrow…

Until then, take care,



Discussion | Game of Thrones | Eastwatch (S7 E5)

Hi Guys,

Our Game of Thrones coverage continues with our Eastwatch discussion! Check us out,

Come in, we’re Geeking Out! Join Gabi and I as we unleash all our thoughts in full force about the topics we’re passionate about! Enjoy!!!

Speaking for the both of us, we thoroughly enjoyed the episode! I think the length of the video speaks volumes, especially since the episode spoke volumes! Seriously, so much happened!

I personally really think the showrunners are coming back into a really good groove with Season 7, especially since the last few seasons really lost my interest! There was too much over-simplification for my taste, but alas, good things are finally going on! I only wonder how the show will hold up next to the future books George has yet to release!

Despite that, please feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comment section down below, and join us once more next week with our coverage of the dreaded episode 6! Will it follow the Episode 9/Second Last Episode pattern of tragedy??? Find out soon!!!

Until then, take care,


Discussion | Game of Thrones Season 7 Episodes 1-4

Hi Guys,

Over the past few weeks my book corner associate and close friend Gabi and I have been watching and reviewing Game of Thrones Season 7 together! I’ve yet to start posting the videos here, so I thought in light of our review for episode 5 being on it’s way, I’d get you all up to date in one fell swoop!

Alas, here they are, one by one!

S7 E1: Dragonstone

S7 E2: Stormborn

S7 E3: The Queen’s Justice

S7 E4: The Spoils of War

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It’s My Life! | On Medieval Mishaps, Dream Corridors, & Mushroom Sauce…

Hi Guys,

Here it is, the 20th episode of It’s My Life!!! It’s such a doozy!!! It even features supa-stars Temuera Morrison, Adrienne Wilkinson, & John Jarratt! My favourite moment is at 10:41 where each answer an audience question of mine which was, “What advice would you give to dreamers who want to make their dreams a reality?”

I’m Anthony, and This Is My Life! Come and journey with Adam & I in the twentieth episode of It’s My Life where you’ll be invited to hear more tales from a Star-Filled Supa, Supa Saturday! Enjoy!!!

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It’s My Life! | On Market Days, Golden Girls, & Loot Hauls…

Hi Guys!

Welcome to It’s My Life!

While I plan to expand on how I came to start the series in a future post, I’d love to start keeping you up to date with my brand new uploads starting now. Without further ado, here’s ma spiel;

I’m Anthony, and This Is My Life! Come and journey with Adam & I in the nineteenth episode of It’s My Life where you’ll be invited to hear tell of a Supa, Supa Saturday!

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Geeking Out! | The Origin Story

Hi Guys!

Before I start posting The Book Corner/ It’s My Life! videos here, I’d like to firstly post my Geeking Out! videos given their topical nature. However, before I do that, I’d love to describe how the series actually came about!

The tale begins long ago, before the birth of the stars, the earth, and the universe itself… There, stirring in a pool of nothingness, an ancient presence was given a single thought.


Eons later, an Australian boy, meandering around his bedroom in a royal blue dressing gown, wandered when he would, and how he could, immortalise the glory of his geekiness. You see, he’d grown up in a innocent world coloured in by films, cartoons, and video games that had become the immortal subjects of his fondest memories. These memories, feelings and interests had matured with time, and the boy valued them very much. Despite this, the essence of these riches had yet to be captured in his soon to be award winning YouTube channel… What was he to do?

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Posting Resumes… Now!

Hi All!

I just wanted to announce that posting will officially resume today.

As I described in my last blog post, I’ve a whole bunch of content that still hasn’t been posted here. Instead of posting it and changing the date to make it look like I’ve been a good boy, I’ll be posting old content chronologically, leading up to where we are today, starting today, alongside exclusive supplementary commentary from yours truly!

Youtube Channel July
Honestly, this only scratches the surface! You can start checking all these videos out at this link rigghhhhttt here.

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